Retrieved 22 August Assi Rahbani, his father, was hospitalized and his mother Fairuz was to play the leading role in Al Mahatta by the Rahbani brothers. Many of his musicals satirize Lebanese politics both during and after the Lebanese Civil War , and are often strongly critical of the traditional political establishment. He then lived with but never married the Lebanese actress Carmen Lebbos. Rahbani has a long-standing relationship with Lebanese leftist movements, and is a self-declared communist and atheist.

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Rahbani is also a journalist.

Ziad Rahbani: The Artist Whose Biography Tells Lebanon’s History –

Rahbani’s first step into theatre was with the Bkennaya Theater in Sahriyyeh. Retrieved 6 September He has written for al-Nida and al-Nahar as well as for al-Akhbar to express his support for its launch. InFairuz was cast as the lead in a play written by the Rahbani Brothers and titled The Station.

The forces of the rightist politicians were ziad rahbani plays spared his harsh criticism even when they were besieged by the Syrian Arab Army. He was ziad rahbani plays on 1 January in the city of Antelias, a few kilometres north of Beirut, to a Maronite family. Inat age 17, Rahbani composed his first music for Fairuz, his mother. Inhe married Dalal Karam, with whom he had a son, named Assi after his father. However, he has always been a leftist and a supporter of the Lebanese Communist Partydenying that the party had become obsolete in Lebanon.


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Ask anyone in Lebanon about Ziad Rahbani and you will receive the same response: Mansour Rahbanihis uncle, who had written the lyrics of a song about Assi Rahbani’s forced absence, gave Ziad Rahbani the task of composing its music. For example, he once wrote: With a small donation, you can make a huge impact. And it only takes a minute. He is a genius. We would like to ziad rahbani plays you something … Fanack is an independent media organisation, not funded by any state or any interest group, that distributes in the Middle East and the wider world unbiased analysis and background information, based on facts, about the Middle East and North Africa.

Thank almighty Godwhich was broadcast by the National Radio of Lebanon inone year after the outbreak of the civil warRahbani strongly criticized rightist Lebanese politicians. Piano, electronic keyboards, accordion, buzuqvocals.

Ziad Rahbani – M media

Sincehe has written a column for the Lebanese newspaper al-Akhbar. He then lived with but never married the Lebanese actress Carmen Lebbos. Inaged 15, he composed his first rahbnaiwhich was performed by the singer Huda in the drama series From Day to Day. He also appeared later on in ziad rahbani plays Rahbani Brothers’ Mays el Rim [10] in the role of one of the policemen.

Ziad Rahbani

ziad rahbani plays Notwithstanding, he also expressed his support to the Lebanese resistance and its project in the face of the Israeli enemy.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Educated in a Jesuit school, Rahbani displayed his musical talent early. The website grew rapidly in breadth and depth and today forms a rich and valuable source of information on 21 countries, from Morocco to Oman and from Iran to Yemen, both in Arabic and English. He was born and raised in an area that in the ziad rahbani plays was controlled by right-wing Christian parties.

To run such a website is very expensive. Sometimes, people take a long time to wake up, but eventually they will wake up. Yet he also expressed his support for the Lebanese resistance and its project in the face of the Zixd enemy. Rhbani became by far the most influential Lebanese artist during the civil war. Rahbani has also mixed several albums such as Al ra2i el 3aam and Moussakafoun noun. Karam lived in what was known at the time as the eastern region, while Rahbani lived in the western region, and it was difficult to move from one area to another.

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