Featuring news, gameplay clips, and more from the community! If he hadn’t forced his game on someone and expected a hugbox, then this wouldn’t be an issue. If you need to tell people you’re better than someone, you’re probably not. Avoid revealing intimate, embarrassing details about yourself. He does music and other shit too, so someone might find it eventually. Apr 29, Messages: I think his ego may be too big to let this one go.

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If you believe someone discovered by their account on the forum deserves a thread, ask staff first.

Zerahypt the game

It’s sort of like TJChurch’s thread. You point out conclusive evidence as to why they’re wrong or illogical, and they come back zerahypt game something even less logical. We’ll see how it rolls out.

The Team Streaming Now: Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Always a pester no matter what kind of media they’re working on. Game Nights and More!


Join us for weekly Game Nights with a selection of the best games the Zerhypt has to zerxhypt He was lying low for a bit, zerahypt game just posted a new pervy Lore pic on his DeviantArt.

When someone explained that it’s still sexualizing characters regardless, he backtracked, saying as zerahypt game mentioned in the screencaps, zerahjpt God who created them is a pervert. Those jiggle physics were really important for the pre-Alpha, huh?

He brought Vinny into his drama and if this continues it could potentially hurt Vinesauce’s reputation. One comment, and he was done with it.

I wonder what he’d do. So Vinny plays it. Do not create topics about forum members. Don’t turn threads into zerahypt game intervention. I dig how he never made Vinesauce one of those ‘gimmick’ streams and how he plays one-off unknown games.

Steam Community :: Video :: Zerahypt the game

If so, it’s hard to say. I think it’s a little too late for that. Sign in Already have an account? Caelus5Mar 30, Has this drama just erupted today? He also will contradict himself. ArtanisJul 10, That CL GuyApr 7, Realistically, Evolution would not throw things at these characters that their bodies couldn’t handle, and the fact that he’s deliberately zerahypt game otherwise and then denying that it’s intentionally perverse proves that this is zerahypt game a fetish thing for him.


Zerahypt, a space exploration game. What does that ball do,i got out of mu cruiser just to shoot that thing a few times and it did nothing but follow me,even shot it with the cruiser and it was unphased.

Apr 29, Messages: I’d have love to been in that zerahypt game, given I’m a huge Vinesauce fan. Caelus5Mar 31, Summon it Step 3: You can’t regret something you’ve never done! Yes, my password is: Separate names with a comma.

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