Anonymous January 6, at And that is only one example. Wow dude you are awesome and your games are awesome too thanks for sharing them Download Free Game Full version pc games. I tried to unlock all cards but there were an error athough i had turned off the UAC , can you tell me how to fix it? Justin McAuliffe May 12, at 7: Hey Guys, how to play Yugioh online?

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Anonymous May 17, at Mohamed Mostafa July 19, at Nice mod, but some cards like cyberdragon are played totaly wrong.

Peki July 20, at 7: Anonymous January 10, at 3: YassinE ParadoX April 26, at 9: I just have one request; could I get the download for this one as a torrent if possible? Anonymous January 9, at 5: Joey January 8, at Anonymous April 10, at I paste the system data into moe common folder and that not works!


RistaR87’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Mods: Yu-Gi-0h! Kaiba Corp Ultimate Masters MOD (PC Game)

Anonymous March 13, at 6: Anonymous December 3, at 6: Anonymous May 2, at Cause my internet isn’t fast enough to download it direct? Jonathan Carrero June 17, at 9: But I guess whats the point, I mean Slyfer and oblisk card effect aren’;t hard to make I think, absorb 2 other monsters to gain unlimited damage or sacrafice 2 to attack the whole playing field, and slyfer with howmany cards you hold and his second mouth, only RA would be impossible to make with all his special abilities.

The game says KC Ultimate Masters. Ryuji Schneider February 8, at 9: Anonymous March 15, at 7: Anonymous May 24, at 7: Paul Sanchez Cordova January 22, at Mark DreamlikeExplorer February 2, at 2: Anonymous February 23, at Anonymous January 6, at Anonymous January 10, at Anonymous March 28, at 9: Arturia December 6, at 5: My game runs and I’ve followed all the instructions but when I import the decks it only imports a few of the cards and leaves the deck incomplete.


YuGiOh! Kaiba Corp Ultimate Masters MOD (PC Game) – Yugi Orichalcos Deck

Anonymous April 18, at 8: Anonymous September 13, at Anonymous May 24, at Fauzan Bloi June 11, at 9: But I can;t find it anymore. Axel Revnaldy February 3, at In this mod you can summon cyberdragon without tribute anytime, but the card says you can only do it if you don’t have monsters on your side on the field and your opponent has at least one on his side.

Metallus Rex February 11, at 9:

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