Xcalc theming awesomeness actually i don’t know where that xcalc “theme” came from. I hate using curse sooo much though. Atom topic feed Powered by FluxBB. Also, the buttons are placed slightly better. Xcalc theming awesomeness Naik wrote: Xcalc theming awesomeness HoaS Yes, thank you for the line and explanation.

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xcalc(1) – Linux man page

Send a private message to xXxDSMer. A “why” would be great addition as well.

Last edited by moird: It’s only in stretch, but installs fine with gdebi. Sort comments by Oldest. Send email to Xcalc. The is not a comment inside Xresources.

Some cleanup left to do changing how the main buttons get created Changed xcalc string.

WoW CurseForge

Thanks, holding on to the update Xcalc edited by Filius: Could you also comment on the problem, where anything that is binded to the numerical keyboard xcalc resetted. If someone knows how to generate a tarball for a Qt project complete with. Further, programming, constants and conversions are missing, as well as an editable keyboard. This fix should be incorperated into the actual mod. Send email to WaSu. Last edited by xXxDSMer: Xcalc work has been done on this project sinceand nothing more will be done either.


After any change you need to run this or logout-login for the changes to take effect. Xcalc theming awesomeness sure! Xcalc theming awesomeness ohnonot wrote: HoaS Well, in the openbox-menu, under “Office” there xcalc an entry for “calculator”.

Xdefaults may be ignored haven’t checked the code but urxvt does this so the former file should be used instead. Xcalc theming awesomeness actually i don’t know where that xcalc “theme” came from. I prefer your xcalc version anyway. To make xcalc more compatible with other mods though it will take a significant rewrite to the whole keybindng system in place which will likely take a bit. So it has come to my attention that there is still an issue with the automatic bindings.

The second version, xcalc 3. There will also xcalc appear a new windows installable, kindly compiled by Timothy Anderson. Send a private message to ThePooBurner. Xcalc theming awesomeness Snap wrote: Xcalc is a fairly basic calculator that allows mathematical equations to be entered via the console or xcalc using the GUI calculator xcalc.


XCALC(1) manual page

And of course it has binary, octal and hex numbers, now from 8 to xcalc bits wide. You can blame your GTK3 theme for the grey-on-grey “coordinated xcalc. Be Excellent to Each Other Sorting Sort comments by Newest Sort comments by Oldest. The fifth version, xcalc 3.

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