JamieTwort November 24th Comments. There are no real melodies sans the end of Boogie , no time-signature, key, or tempo changes, and no lyrics. They are simply on fire on this album. We were standing outside a dressing room door next to Joe Zawinul, Miroslav Vitous and others. I’ve already changed it. Helva Records and boguemagicityrecords. So we had to hire a drummer and a bassist to play the grooves we wanted.

weather report sweetnighter

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WEATHER REPORT Sweetnighter reviews

He started his career while in high school in Louisiana, and upon graduation attended the Berklee School of Music. At any rate, it’s a solid track, as is th Street Congress. Zweetnighter to even the number of melody players versus percussionists, Andrew White has been added on English horn… One interesting thing about Weather Report is that this is a band that lives between categories.

About a year ago, before I owned Sweetnight for myself I had a fortunate encounter in my friend’s basement. Another entity that grew out of him.

Indeed the two-bassist formation is absolutely marvellous catch it on the opening track of each sidesand this album equals Body Electric, in this writer’s book, whatever the Afro-Americans can say! You wsather not logged, please complete authentication before continuing use forum credentials. Sweetnighteron the other hand, is a reflection of a new trend that was beginning to become very prominent in rpeort Jazz Fusion scene.


Piano comes in about half way through. I was a kid and that music entered my mind and my soul immediately: Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. YoYoMancuso July 15th Comments. I think this is my favorite Vitous-era album except possibly the first albumbut I am curious about one thing: Streams Videos All Posts.

weather report sweetnighter

Right from the start, a vastly different Weather Report emerges here, one that reflects co-leader Joe Zawinul ‘s developing obsession with the groove. If you think you know Weather Report through their slicker, poppier maybe poopier era in the late 70’s, you really don’t know what they were capable of.


The shaker is back too. The door was closed by the officer who remained outside. It may be worth saying that Adios, sweetniguter is such a simple and beautiful track, was used as the audience playout music at the end of live performances for years. Please enable JavaScript rreport your browser to use the site fully. JamieTwort July 15th Comments. My friend and I attended a Weather Report concert in or 74 in Pittsburgh. Sweetnighter Sony Music Canada Inc.

First of all, what does Boogie Woogie Waltz have to do with a waltz? Weather Report – Sweetnighter – Vinyl Record And in between, everything is free.


As weathe point of this album, the diversity of Percussion might be a point important as the content of the album. Zawinul has since spoken often of the motivations behind this change. It had that effect on me sweetnigher I left the concert halls back then. From an ego standpoint, we had tasted the success sweetinghter being poll winners and respected in the music world. Strongly recommended to all Jazz Fusion fanatics Rising from the ashes of the post-bop era of the s, WR leadmen Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter were instrumental in He became disillusioned with the music industry.

And while it’s repetitive, the drumbeat is mesmerising. Zawinul began to assert greater control of band, steering it away from the collective improvisation that marked its live performances toward more structured compositions emphasizing funk and groove.

weather report sweetnighter

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