Finally, in the year family landed in Chennai. The duos were child prodigies who started performing before they entered the age of ten. They are creative in their performances and their style includes a unique touch that expresses every emotion in the raga. Ragas and swaras seemed to just flow out of their nimble fingers in all their myriad sparkling patterns…. Musicians from South too came occasionally because Rajagopalan invited these musicians to perform in his Kanpur Sangita Sabha. Ganesh and Kumaresh started performing on the stage at a very early age taking the audience by surprise for their finesse as the photographs and press reviews reproduced here reveal.

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Graha means home Bedam means to change or to alter. The next shift is to the note Panchama, and we get the notes of Raga Shankarabaranam.

Foot-stamping, flying and fun at Celtic Connections

How do we do it? Retrieved 18 February One is musical expression, which can generally be said violin ganesh kumaresh the techniques employed musically to bring out the said expression. Embracing and encompassing the other brotherly western instruments, like the Guitar,keyboard, drum in addition to the traditional Mridangam, Kanchira, Ghatam etc. Technically this is much easier to play than the other notessince we get an open string for Shadja.

Ganesh and Kumaresh

They are a dynamic duo of violinists, who have carved a niche gamesh themselves in this era of great violinists. Please help improve the article by presenting facts as a neutrally-worded summary with appropriate citations. India has gifted the ultimate monument of love – gansh Taj Mahal – to the world.


That was the reason they could easily come to the forefront. If he is an instrumental playerthen the Shadja violin ganesh kumaresh fixed according to the timbre and texture of the instrument.

As the years go by, they are bound to be in the forefront among violinists The brothers have gone deeper into the realm of the music ganesg brought out a refreshingly original content and style for the instrument.

The violin acquires a heavier melodic tone and colour in the interpretation of classical Carnatic Music and these were presented with remarkable skill and artistry by an extraordinarily talented boy duet. They also appeared in the Doordarshan Bharati’s musical clip Ad violih national unity along with veterans in music, sports and various fields as national representative of their respective field.

In this modern world, expressing correctly is a sure gateway to success. Such artists are uncommon. The way they violin ganesh kumaresh alapana, kriti and Swaraprashtaras were eloquent testimony to this.

Kumaresh | The Fidling Monk

Vuolin and Kumaresh are noted Indian duo of violin players who are a violin ganesh kumaresh of the Carnatic music South India fraternity. This article contains too many or too-lengthy quotations for an encyclopedic entry. The reason is simple because my house is here and Ganesh and Kumaresh are here. Wikipedia articles with style issues Carnatic violinists Indian musical duos.

Musicians from South too came occasionally because Rajagopalan invited these musicians to perform in his Kanpur Sangita Sabha. Obul Reddy and P. Ganesh and Kumaresh, apart from performing, they also score music for films and dance productions.


Their deep-rooted strength in playing Carnatic Music in the traditional way has made them the favorites with the purists as well as the uninitiated. He wrote, “I was wonderstruck with your talent. Sushila Mishra, Chairman UP State Sangit Natak Academy, while reviewing in the Hindu [published from Delhi dated 18th December ] their concert at the Uttar Dakshin Cultural Organization’s Tansen Tyagaraja festival observed “they had acquired such high proficiency that AIR had to set aside its strict vioiln regarding ‘minimum age restrictions” and give them high gradings.

The four predominant facets of classical music are Raga, Tala, Bhakthi and Sahitya. This dynamic kumares duo are among the leading exponents of the Carnatic violin and possibly the most recognized names in the current generation fiolin violin ganesh kumaresh music.

Finally, in the year family landed in Chennai. These expressions help artists to convey musically what they violin ganesh kumaresh.

Ganesh and Kumaresh – Wikipedia

Music as abstract it is gives or rather includes different feelings in different persons. No wonder then, in the age of Fusion and World Music Indian musicians have found a natural niche. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dedicated by the artistes to the land of Ahimsa.

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