You just go Happy I’m not happy. Thanks a lot [Voice Over] Like Telugu cinemas getting Tamil directors, you’ve exchanged the chics with the same ease. What are you waiting for? The girl likes you too and so, she indirectly asked you to meet her there. No shooting since 26 days and hopefully no shooting for another week Dubbing theater looks nice We got it for free Oh, you didn’t pay for the theater too

thokkalo love story

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Thokkalo lovestory telugu comedy sign’s latest short film with subtitles watch online ~ all at one

In this gap, you can use me, if you want 26 days no shooting, there is a gap I encourage lot llve short films Is there anything that you have to give me or I need to give you? Liking a person is different and living together is different We cant be together. You just go Happy I’m not happy. Come on, lets go Swamis. What will you sfory Please show some mercy with your huge heart.

thokkalo love story

I thokkaoo I want screen, not clean! Bro excellant shot Amazing angle from here Over My life has become like Osama getting caught by Obama.


thokkalo love story

You use it a lot in dal fry, instead of spoons just to get the bitter taste Thokaklo shooting since 26 days and no shooting for another week I came here for dubbing, whenever i ask about money he shakes my hand He shook my hand like 12 times How can i ask him, my pride is at stake I wont do that!

Oh will you show your eiffel tower? And this person who is running like a streetdog a few centimetres away from the camera and the stick is the villain in the movie And the name is Happy If I win this bet, what is the guarentee that you will love me?

I’ll marry a girl whom I’ll love! I’ll figure out a way and ask him about the money If he gives money i’ll bring Tamarind 50grams. Fine, if i see you once again before tomorrow, then I’ll accept this fast fate love story. My situation has become like Posani getting Pokiri script. You just look at me how will i impress her Hi! Yuck, some one pour phenyl in my toilet You are so posh and and you clean this trash?

What do you want? If the three visible relations are father-in-law, mother-in-law and grandfather then the only invisible fourth relation is this brother You act, don’t overact!


The girl likes you too and so, she indirectly asked you to meet her there.

What else did your mom say? I thought you were doing all this as a joke. Anyways I’ve some social work to do here. So I’m loev this before hand.

THOKKALO LOVE STORY – sign short film with s/t

I’m in important business conference right now I’m very busy right now I think it is better if we talk later I hope you get a decent, silent girl and not an over-acting girl like me. Ghar Who are you? GOD Only you can change this world. Please give some clarity! Hey, what are you doing here? So anything on your mind, please let me know. Sorry this storg exactly like my vehicle

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