In his own words, “no man in this country should feel in danger because of his beliefs. In essence it is a short story from the Wheel of Time series. He put more thought and care into the backstory of his world than many writers put into their actual novels. The only good point in it was that the ter’angreal themselves had been hidden and the place where they were made destroyed its very existence had been a secret at the highest levels all along so that neither Sammael nor anyone else for the Shadow knew that any of these things were now within their grasp. The nostalgia factor may help, obviously.

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There must have been a battle. During the fighting aginst the Shadowsworn before the Breaking put an end to what by that time seemed inconsequential by comparison, she gained the name Shadar Nor, best translated as the strike at shayol ghul of the Shadow” or perhaps “Slicer of the Shadow” the difficulties of precise translation from the Old Tongue, with all its multiple meanings, will always remain with us.

They can be used to create tension and expectations, highlight themes, and add dimension to your world. The Strike at Shayol Ghul Author: And most importantly of all, the six consecutive pages and others which must be placed close to them contain the only known account of events surrounding what surely must be the most far-reaching single event in the history of the world, in any Age: Of the soldiers, not a single man or woman returned to give any account.


Strike at Shayol Ghul : WoT

Just that they had been sealed away. They were losing, being pushed toward inevitable defeat with increasing speed, and if they were to win at all, it must be done quickly. At this point in the war, halting an advance by the Shadow was the best that could be hoped for; no conquered territory had been regained in the shqyol two years. The Green Onion Blog. This site uses cookies.

Nov 05, D rated it it was amazing Ghe First off, Dreadlords was the name given to men and women who could channel and sided with the Shadow in the Trolloc Wars. This short book explains a lot. Very short, so why not read it? Short story that gives a little in-story history about the sealing of the Dark One’s prison and the Breaking of the World. Provides a little background.

I read it after “Knife of Dreams” book 11, last book in thew series completed by Robert Jordan the strike at shayol ghul thw I started “The Gathering Storm” – first book in the series finished ghuul Brandon Sanderson after Jordan’s death. Strike at Shayol Ghul self. Nov 26, Claudia rated it it was amazing Shelves: In the manuscript, this agreement is called “the Fateful Concord,” though it was doubtful that this was the name it was generally known.

WoT submitted 1 year ago by grandalf Eventually, you will find out most of the info showcased in this short story. The manuscript indicates that there were several peace factions during the course of the war.

The Strike at Shayol Ghul (A short story from the Wheel of Time series) by Robert Jordan

The dark one was also free to touch the pattern, so I imagine the forsaken would have been stronger than we saw them in the book. She appeals to Liberals and SJW’s that love thee politics.


Jun 25, Malkhaz Shonia rated it liked it Shelves: The Wheel of Time 1 – 10 of 14 books. It’s not much of a story really but more of a historical account of certain events from before the series started.


War itself was a “new” discovery, it seems, though one quickly learned, some might even say perfected. The very ink with which all history is written is merely fluid prejudice. May 12, Mladen rated it liked it.

The women died, too, though from age or in battle or from natural disasters created by insane male Aes Sedai or from diseases that could no longer be controlled because civilization itself had been destroyed and access to those who were skilled in Healing was all but gone.

It was all male Aes Sedai who sealed up the bore. The short story ends with the stgike commentary on how these events shaped the world, while the Big White Book cuts off before that, with a dangling tease line for the next chapter.

Not a lot of new information, but hey, it’s available for free on the Tar Valon wiki and it’s still really nice.

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