I hated Minecraft and still do, but Terraria is one of my second favorite indie game of all time and one of the best games this gen. I have the game with password but can people hack into my network through it? Does Terraria need open ports? Also to set up a server all I had to do was click multiplayer and join one of my worlds. If you don’t feel safe about random people might find your server and grief it then set it so players requires password to get in. Thread Tools Thread Tools.

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I had one friend who could not join any of the servers so we tried Gameranger and it worked fine for serber. Olof AlmqvistJan 11, UnendingBucketApr 17, terraria dedicated server 1.1.2 Thanks guys but here comes a silly question: It works with terraria and people can join your game instantly. It was actually quite simple. AlpacaBearJan 11, It really is more of an adventure rpg. Sfrver was super easy. It ran really well on my Phenom II X4 too.


Terraria Dedicated Server (download) :: Terraria General Discussions

I sunk easily over hours playing it with my buddies. Your name or email address: Does Steam need to be running? Then anyone could join using my public ip. I don’t get it.

Terraria ???

Thread Tools Thread Tools. Do I need to open ports? LOL no not at all, you could even run this game terrsria a toaster I bet. Before Steam play – most of the troubles I had was with the firewall settings and my router settings if you ignore those.

Or just the server based application? Late to the party. Unit OneApr 12, FelipeInside I hated Minecraft and still do, but Terraria is one of my second favorite indie game of all time and one of the best games this gen.

My friend terraria dedicated server 1.1.2 pestering me to try this game. Everiez Follow Forum Posts: Well, okay, I did but my eight-year-old nephew could never connect to it. This is a LAN guide! I made this Step by step guide because i have noticed A few searching for a guide like this terraria dedicated server 1.1.2, and i am here for you searching for it! This topic is locked dedicaetd further discussion. The game is tons of fun, spent around hours on it over the years.


Emraldo Follow Forum Dedocated For whatever reason I really liked this game more than I ever thought I would. Thanks so much but does this work with Hamachi its an app that makes you have a LAN network with someone even if ur not using the same wifi.

Do you already have an account? I’m not into building games but this one looks interesting cause it’s more adventure oriented.

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