This article needs additional citations for verification. Musical Changes in Central and Eastern Europe, , p Sevdalinka Bosniak culture Bosniak history Bosnia and Herzegovina music history Bosnia and Herzegovina folk music Bosnia and Herzegovina culture Bosnia and Herzegovina music World music genres Turkish words and phrases. Od zbilje do pjesme. The gradual process of oriental Islamic civilization influencing the medieval Bosnian culture in which sevdalinka was created lasted from the second half of the fifteenth century up until the beginning of the twentieth century.

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Sevdalinke za retracing the path of sevdalinka, one discovers places and people are brought to life once more; people and places immortalized ba sevdalinka for their deep love and eternal qualities.

As a result, the melodies are noted for leaving a strong melancholic feeling with the listener. Sevdalihke narodne pjesme iz Bosne i Hercegovine.

Sevdalinka, pjesma urbane sredine

Views Sevdalinke za Edit View history. This should be viewed and considered in terms of the religious sevdailnke musical tradition of Islam in az context of Bosnia: Ebenda, Spomenici osmanlijske arhitekture u Bosni i Hercegovini.

The levels of meaning contained in sevdalinka are considerable. The origins of Sevdalinka are not known sevdalinke za certain, though it is known to date from sometime after the arrival of the Ottomans in the medieval Balkansbut melodies and the venerable “Aman, aman” lyrical figure hint at strong Sephardic and Andalusian influence which can be explained by the arrival of Sephardic refugees in Ottoman Bosnia.

Yvone, Text and context Folksong in a Bosnian village.


From these lyrics we can gain an sevdalinke za picture of Bosnian life at that time. All that time people lived within the song tradition as the song lived through them. Sevdalinka is not the song of the masses, but of the most narrow social environment, in particular the family itself.

Sevdalinka also describes the distinct type of hunting with zz and falcons practiced by Bosnian nobility in the arcadia of the Bosnian forests and mountains.

Sevdalinka – Wikipedia

A century ago sevdalinka was not merely a folk tradition. The shyness and propriety of the girls, for example, is conveyed in sevdalinka, by their blushing. The return to this tradition does not indicate the idealization thereof but rather indicates a sophisticated and reasoned decision to return to values proven sevdalinke za centuries to provide fulfillment sevdalinke za harmony in daily life.

The art of harmonizing the thoughts and emotions of the interpreter with those of the listener of the song sevdalinka is always delicate and difficult to achieve, and seldom completely successful. Bosnian living quarters, small streets, markets, fountains, gardens, courtyards, bazaars and many coffee houses.

Bolje da ne pevaš

Prestanite se poigravati s BiH. At the beginning of the sixteenth century, dozens of urban settlements sevdalinke za established throughout Bosnia with sevdalinje the material aspects of urban civilization, from which source and inspiration the music and oral lyrics of sevdalinka were drawn: The combination of Oriental, European and Sevdalinke za elements make this type of music stand out among other types of folk music from the Balkans.

The song is a gift from Bosnians sevdalinke za their country Bosnia-Herzegovina to the world to treasure: Peukert Herbert, Serbokroatische und makedonische Volkslyrik. Balade, romanse, ravna pjesma sve je podvedeno pod sevdalinku. Institut sevdalinke za, Visoko In Zeitschrift Z v u kNr. The emotional but nevertheless precise quotation of the aforementioned German Slavist Gerhard Geseman, who was deeply moved by sevdalinka, is the most accurate: Prilozi za orjentalnu filologiju3 — 4, However the material and intellectual ambience and the tradition which shaped sevdalinka have been waning since Austro-Hungarian occupation Bosnia in Prolegomena povodom gramofonskog snimanja bosanske narodne pesme.


The word itself comes from the Turkish sevda which, in turn, derives from the Arabic word sawda meaning black bilefrom the root s-w-d, “black”which in earlier times was used by doctors to denote one of the four humors purported to control human feelings and emotions.

Vreme – Sevdalinka danas: Geologija pesme

Rado su je pjevali svi. All previous research into sevdalinka has included at least partially, simultaneous aural and philological investigation, which has enabled at least appreciation, if not full understanding of the magic of this sevdalinke za genre of folk art. These are the best song sevdalinka singers sevdalinke za interpreters of this time: Draga dragog doziva bez daha: October Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Six Carlo von, Bosnische Musik.

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