Please Stay By My Side. This compilation was released by major label and distributed widely in Indonesia and Malaysia. Under The Scars Live. Benefit from this album fund the construction of Bandung’s skate park. He got inflamed brain that took the icon of hardcore music in Indonesia away forever. Such divine passion towards knowledge, art, and particularly music, is conveyed through songs and lyrics, with passag

sarasvati tiga titik hitam

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This single brought them to the new era of Burgerkill, when at the beginning they were much inspired by Oldschool Hardcore Band in creating music.

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They kept working for this album with help from an additional titio. In earlytheir career continued by releasing single “Blank Proudness” which was included in “Independent Rebel”, a Grindcore Ujungberung band compilation album. Melati Putih [Bonus Track].

Sarasvati – Fighting Club. Death Can Tell a Lie feat. Satu bintang di langit kelam.

sarasvati tiga titik hitam

There, he met Ivan, Kimung, and Dadan who became his first line-up. Story of Ratimaya part Oh I Never Know.

These guys of Burgerkill started to enjoy recording process that made them couldn’t stop working. In the middle ofBurgerkill became the first hardcore sxrasvati that signed contract for the next six albums with Sony Music Entertainment, one of biggest major label in Indonesia. Tiga Titik Hitam Burgerkill Cover.


But it all changed since they succeed to release their first single which tigga one of tracks in “Masaindahbangetsekalipisan” music compilation, an album of bands from Bandung in early Sarasvati – Glommy Sunday. And after doing a long process of Vocal Audition, finaly they found Vicki to be a new front man for the next chapter of their career. Records on August Burgerkill the Hardcore Begundal!

Tiga Titik Hitam – Risa Sarasvati feat. Fadly PADI – YouTube

Energetic riff-power chords became a strong character of Burgerkill’s music, and not to forget the guitar fill-in that made it totally catchy. Cerita Kertas dan Pena. The antics went higher, number of their fans grew excessively and always waiting for their performances. Top Tracks Top Artists. Earasvati – Story Of Sarasvayi. This is a short story of 12 years career from the heaviest band which has been such a phenomenon among metal music lovers in Indonesia.

Burgerkill Sarasvati Tiga Titik Hitam Mp3 Download | Song Download HD

We’ll Go So High. It was produced by Richard Mutter ex-drummer of Pas Band. Then, at the end ofthey released the second album, “Berkarat”. Gold Scraps Shorthand Remix. This band began its career as a side project which didn’t have any certain purposes, just a bunch of metal kids jamming their axe-hard while waiting an offering to hitik a real one.


sarasvati tiga titik hitam

Story of Ratimaya part 6. Death Tell Can Lie.

sarasvati tiga titik hitam

When they’ve finished working on their 3rd album, Titok decided to sever the contract with Sony Music Entertainment that caused by no agreement reached in the album proceeding. Melati Putih Bonus Track.

Moon And Stars feat. I’m Gonna Miss You. This album was so deep and meaningful for all Burgerkill’s personnel in each aspect: Death Can Tell a Lie.

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