The system supports both photographic and procedural textures, and there are a range of control options — but as the video shows, you get great results essentially by slapping a stock image onto a model and shattering it. Allows you to glue objects together and break connection between them during simulation. Free volumetric system generates good-looking animatable clouds in real time inside Unreal Engine. Of course we do… Read more about RayFire 1. RayFire will interactively update Impact Objects list when You select objects.

rayfire 1.60

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In current build fragments converts to Editable Mesh and rayfirr to Editable Poly which prevents file corruption. Now there are 5 less materials in Preset list.

Removed “Demolish group” feature.

RayFire Studios

The example that really stood out for us is at 0: Allows You to assign custom fragmentation options for each object. Enabled only aryfire PhysX plugin 2. Bake animation checkbox – bake fragments in case impact object has animation.


Fixed bug with Bomb’s eayfire visualization. Image tracing to fragments. Transparent Material property in Material Presets. Ability to deactivate animated Impact objects so rayfide you will be able to activate them. Remove angle threshold spinner – defines maximum angle for two edge which shares middle edge vertex.

All backuped fragments will have bright red wireframe. Gives You ability to change objects physical properties, like friction, elasticity and material interactivel even while the simulation is running.

rayfire 1.60

Build with iterations fragments box 35 seconds. New Time Scale property for dynamic simulation.

rayfire 1.60

Includes one year of support and maintanance. Using this mode You dont ought to add object in rayvire list every time You want to fragment or explode something, just select objects and do whatever You want.

Production Proven

Remove middle edge vertices checkbox – removes two-edged vertices after fragmentation is finished. This is a must have tool for adding chaos to your effects shots. Mir Vadim ships RayFire 1. Three types of glue available.

Changed Fragmentation by Shapes feature. Read more about RayFire 1. RayFire will interactively update Impact Objects list when You select objects. So You dont need to define it every time when launching the scene or launching RayFire Tool. Fixed bug for Demolition Depth Ration feature.


Different material types for simulation characteristics: Advanced Slice modifier with all features You may need. Tetrahedron based damaging and fragmentation.

RayFire plugin for 3ds Max – released

Set spinner to 0 to disable it and explode all objects. Monday, November 26th, Posted by Jim Thacker.

In this way you can deactivate only objects you need, not only static or animated Impact objects. I have never witnessed a faster development cycle of a production tool outside of a studio.

Fixed bug for fragments corruption.

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