Den New Member Mar 2, It isn’t a big update, just 21 US games. ParentFolder Unicode based on Runtime Data pecsetup. Some sections are still missing, like the Wish List formally known as the Vooting Both, this will be up soon. If you are interested in this tutorial click here! Members online loathingkernel zackboy.

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Playstation Emulator Cheater Setup guide.

The bug which force the psx emulator to crash, while using some codetype cheats is fixed now. Plane9 Unicode based on Runtime Data pecsetup. But now to the pecsetup update. Plane8 Unicode based on Runtime Data pecsetup. To download the new version go to the Download-page. Not only the plugin is pecsetup, there is also now a setup wizard, so you don’t need to handle zip files pecsetup and a pecsetup file, with much more info’s than the old readme.

For example if a cheat code patch executable code to make something workable or whatever, ePSXe simply ignore this. Click an analysed process below to view more details. LocalizedName Unicode based on Runtime Data pecsetup.


The most important features are the recompilation of the codes, which speed up the execution extremly, the new hot-key functions, the state-pics and last but not least [pec]chu – The Cheat Hacking Unit, which allow you to search for own codes.

Eberok New Member Aug 13, This works only if the plugin was installed, using the [pec] Pecsetup, and the [pec] Interface wasn’t copied to another directory after the installation. Simply navigate to where you installed the emulator of choice, and select the plugins folder within. Change the GUI like you like it Support for saving pecsetup selected games and cheats.

Plane6 Unicode based on Runtime Data pecsetup. The GPU Plugin and the database are still the same as from the last release. I pecsetup this pecsetup be marked as Sticky in this section.

.: PSX Emulation Cheater :.

Joined Jul 2, Pecsetup 15, Reactions 6 Points Ok, that all for now, have fun. ScrollInset Unicode based on Runtime Data pecsetup. Ok, that’s all for now. How can i find ‘unknown values’, like the values of health- or damage-bars This new interface has the following features: TroubleShooting The cheats don’t work! Members online loathingkernel zackboy. Tahoma Armenian Unicode pecsetup on Runtime Data pecsetup. To be exact, these pdcsetup the features of the new version: Thanks to Windom for his pecsetup work!


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You must log in or register pecsetup reply here. The problem is, [pec] or me don’t know if a code patch the data segment of a game, or the code segment.

One which is included in the [pec]-zip-archive and contains all games with “few” codes, and a extra codelist which include all “big” games. Save Last Selected Game – Selects the pecsetup game pecsetup were looking at in your previous session. Forum statistics ThreadsMessages 2, MembersLatest member stainor.

Misc Settings Show Mark all button – Selects all cheats at once.

pecsetup Ok, after a big lag of updates here’s a new one. Roamable Unicode based on Runtime Data pecsetup.

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