Papa’s Scooperia To Go! Papa’s Taco Mia To Go! You need to multitask between each area of the restaurant, with new controls that feel just right in the palm of your hand: Teeny Titans – Teen Titans Go! Use buttons in the top corners to switch Order Tickets without having to drag them back and forth.

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And with full multi-touch support, you can keep one finger sliding the bins and another tapping on the bottom of the screen, so stacking burgers is a breeze! User ratings for Papas burgeria apk Burgeria 4. You can also view all of your Order Tickets in a zoomed-in mode for easy reading. Install in your device Scan the QR code and install this app directly in your Android device. In this brand-new edition of Papa’s Burgeria, you are unwillingly left in charge of Papa Louie’s famous Burgeria.

Simply tap on the bottom of the screen to drop a topping from the bin above! Papa’s Taco Mia To Go! You can also tap a button to swap your Topping Bins with Burger Bins, which hold all of the patties you’ve burgerja on the grill.

We use cookies to offer you a great app store! Papa’s Freezeria To Go!


Papa’s Burgeria apk

Papa’s Freezeria To Go! Use your hard-earned tips to buy restaurant upgrades and hats to wear, and you can also decorate your lobby with furniture and posters from the Furniture Shop. Papa’s Pizzeria To Go! You’ll need to take orders, grill patties, add toppings, and serve the burgers to all of your wacky customers. Papa’s Scooperia To Go!

Papa’s Burgeria Download APK for Android – Aptoide

Eligible for Pzpas Library. By browsing the site you are accepting it, so find more about it here. Reply to a Review error error. Downloads 50k – k. Switch to the Grill Station to drag patties onto the grill and flip burgers to cook them evenly. Papa’s Cupcakeria To Go!

Papa’s Burgeria To Go! 1.1.2 (1001002) apk APK for Android

Keep an eye out for customers waiting papas burgeria apk the lobby, drag and flip burger patties on the grill to cook them just right, and add toppings and sauces to the sandwiches before serving them to your customers! You can also buy Alarms in the Shop to add onto each Timer, so brgeria get an alert when it’s time to flip or remove a burger.

Head to the Order Station to keep an eye out for customers waiting in the lobby. Share this App via. You need to multitask between each area of the restaurant, with new controls that feel just right in the palm of your hand: Try a triple-tap to flip three patties in buryeria row! Games Strategy Papa’s Burgeria. Build and serve sundaes on the go!


With full multi-touch support, the process is more ppaas than ever before! Jump to the Build Station to carefully craft your sandwiches with toppings and sauces exactly how they ordered, and deliver the finished burger to earn points and tips! As your level rises, you’ll unlock new toppings in the shop, and new customers will start visiting the Burgeria! buegeria

Papas burgeria apk and decorate delicious cupcakes on the go! Flipline Studios See more. At the end of each day, the Great Foodini will arrive with his Traveling Mini-Game Show, where you can use your Game Tickets to play a variety of food-themed Mini Games, ppaas win posters and furniture that you can place in your lobby!

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