But that type of nonsense fits well with Mirna, Nevena and Sara, a Serbian circus act who will be lucky to make it out of their semi-final. Respect other languages besides English! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Prvi glas Srbije series 2. Prva Srpska Televizija in Serbian. First of all, I read all comments here. Listen to gems from the s, s, and more.

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Collections with “Ljubav Je Svuda”. And then I am loving, and then I am not I will try everything with him and maybe something else.

Ljubav je svuda – Wikipedia

Add new translation Add new request. I am from Serbia, but this song is for every girl and woman in the world, as each went through that period of belief or unbelief in love. I guess you got that all completely wrong. Serbia in the Eurovision Song Contest This fish is a particular phrase in Serbian.

This was just a performace for national final. Singling out this song does not make sense. That love is everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!


Discuss: Moje 3’s “Ljubav je svuda” Is Just Awful

Ljubav Je Svuda English translation. Those girls are probably the most talented ones in Serbia, and they could get a better song, but this one will do just fine, considering the fact that we do not have so many good musicians here. I like how they look together, as team! I know you will kick butt! Five qualifiers for tomorrow’s final”.

Ljubav Je Svuda (English translation)

The Epoch of Romanticism Get a taste of the most beloved and fruitful music period. And now the performace is bad. Radio Television of Serbia in Serbian. The orginal lyrics have been corrected, please update your translation if needed. Entries scored out are when Serbia did not compete. The song is downright ridiculous — as is a good portion of ESC songs each year! Trust me, if Eric Ljuabv could make the top 5, these girls will make it to the final.

Prior to the Eurovision Lujbav Contest, Moje 3 released promotional versions of their song in different arrangements and in different languages. Retrieved from ” https: Login or register to post comments. Popular Artists Popular Songs. All the harmony and texture comes from the backing track. Many English words when translated into Serbian not make sense. Good luck, Sara, Nevena, and Mirna!


Besides, although you can definitely fill 5 spots for songs headed straight to the Final, filling the rest is tough and Moje 3 is easily in the top-half of the semifinal. Now Serbia got bad marks for it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The girls are so clumsy it makes them kinda adorable. And the lalala part has this meaning: These girls are the best:

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