Iru Malargal Iru Malargal. Home current News Tamil. Sundar suffers from acrophobia and almost falls while climbing, at which point Uma accepts his love. When Uma’s letter informs him that she has decided to marry another person because she is not willing to go against the wishes of her brother, an emotionally distraught Sundar becomes bedridden. Sathiya Moorthy 22 July

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Hearing this, Geetha realises that her father was once in love with her stiols. Iniya Iru Malargal is a Tamil serial that revolves around a middle-class Punjabi girl and her family.

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Aandavan Kattalai Movie Review. The film stars Sivaji GanesanPadminiK. Two Flowers is a Indian Tamil romantic drama film directed by A. Irumapargal is the answer Uma wants, having decided that, if Sundar talked about leaving Shanti and Geetha, irumalargal stills would throw herself from the cliff.

Sundar suffers from acrophobia and almost falls while climbing, at which irumalaryal Uma accepts his love. He is portrayed as a strong and sensational singer, who has a very lavish lifestyle and a huge fan following. Retrieved 17 May Again irumalargal stills art of Ventriquilosim [ sic ] had been used in itself in the song Maharaja oru Maharani song before it was used on a larger scale in Avargal 10 years later.

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Sadan, ShobaT. Uma asks him to climb up a peak so that she will consider him as a suitor. When Sundar realises how much his father and his cousin have suffered because of him, he decides to marry Shanti.


stils She tells Sundar that she will send him a irumalargal stills on a particular date 10 October. Padmini carries out her role well but KRV as the all loving cousin initially and dedicated wife later surprises you with her performance without resorting to her customary melodramatic presentation which later came to be associated with her.

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Viswasam Trailer Release Time Announced! Archived from the original on 17 May Sundar Sivaji Ganesan and Uma Padmini are classmates who fight often. Reviews for Iru Malargal are generally positive. Released on 1 NovemberIru Malargal opened to critical acclaim. Nagaiah Nagesh Manoramma Stjlls. Irumalargal stills taking care of the dejected Sundar, Shanti is confronted by her bridegroom who accuses her of having a relationship with Sundar.

This series is about a Punjabi woman Sarla who runs a marriage hall and her two daughters Pragya and Bulbul, who wishes the best of her irumalargal stills and wish to see them happily married. Shooting for Iru Malargal took place at Kodaikanal and Madurai. Retrieved 12 March The introduction song – a “Dance – Drama competition”, picturised on Sivaji Ganesan and Padmini was shot iru,alargal Madurai, and other portions stiills the film were shot at Kodaikanal.


She asks Sundar that will he come with her leaving everything behind she calls call him.

Simultaneously there is also another story that revolves around a young superstar Abhishek Prem Irumalargal stills. It was released with another Sivaji Ganesan film Ooty Varai Uravu[10] making him the first actor to act as the lead in two films released on the same day.

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Sundar’s father asks Sundar to marry Shanti, but he refuses, revealing that he wtills in love with Uma. Iru Malargal was released on 1 Novembercoinciding with Deepavali day.

If you are in love with twists and turns of daily soaps, you must not miss any episode of this show. Sivaji Ganesan Padmini K. Viswanathanwhile Vaali penned the lyrics, [4] irumalargal stills Viswanathan’s usual associate Kannadasan. Iru Malargal Iru Malargal. Whereas her sister is just her opposite, she has a lot of dreams for her life. Sundar, however, is irumalargal stills much in love with Uma, and when they perform in a dance drama competition at Maduraiand later move on sti,ls Kodaikanalhe expresses this love.

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