DTK means “Desired Track”, the course line you would like to follow, that appears as a magenta line on the screen when activated, or as a white line otherwise. Compatibility Requires iOS 8. The difference between “Track up” and “DTK up” desired track up is seen when turning from one track to the next, “Track up” shows the map rotating as the plane turns, “DTK up” switches abruptly to the orientation of the next leg. But first you have to set the target airport as the waypoint. If you are on an active flight plan to a destination airport, at any time you can press [PROC] and select from the available instrument approaches to the destination.

garmin gns 430 simulator

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ā€ˇFlying SIDs with GARMIN GNS/W on the App Store

Microsoft even recommends doing this. When selecting a visual approach, pilots can choose the runway of intended landing and select vectors for the final approach intercept to assist them in flying a stabilized approach. Then, set heading bug at right angles to desired track, and press [HDG] on the simulator panel to fly some distance off desired track. Greetings Fellow Pilot, I just downloaded the ww tariner on my pc laptop and work pc both running widows Simulation Services consulting, integration, training and technologies.

Get the G simulator. The exercises are presented in order of the importance of the functions to practical flying.

Avionics Electric Bus interface. Large right knob to select menu; small right knob to select page; Bump small right knob to activate cursor; Large right knob to scroll through page; [ENT] to select, [CLR] to cancel, Bump small right knob to de-activate cursor.


garmin gns 430 simulator

Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Supports 32 and Bit Devices. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. These data fields can be removed to make more space for the map my preference. The display mounting clips secure the display to the hardware mount and to the faceplate.

Garmin 430 simulator

Bump the small right knob again to de-activate the cursor. Leg to KMHT not there! Use the heading bug on the external HSI to set the heading, then click [HDG] on the simulator panel, or activate a waypoint and click [NAV] to navigate to it by autopilot.

garmin gns 430 simulator

Setting Map Options Test 3 Exercise 4. To take simhlator, simply set the altitude to ft, and crank the speed up to knots or whatever and the plane will start moving. I used it, it’s not bad, but would crash my computer after a while.

Primary knobs Dual-rotary encoders are difficult to find.

Garmin simulator | Pilots of America

Learning the GNS is very much a matter of hands-on experience, you learn more by doing than by just reading the manual. As in the real device in the airplane, the GNS begins with a self-test sequence terminating in “OK?

These simulators for Windows are available for free and can be found on Garmins website here. The active DTK automatically switches to the next one in sequence as you pass each waypoint in turn.

Exercise 6 shows how to use and edit flight plans that are saved in the flight plan catalog for later re-use.

Press [CLR] several times to set de-clutter level. But you don’t have to use the waypoints in that sequence, you can use the active flight plan like a temporary scratch pad to store waypoints you plan to use, and proceed direct to any waypoint in the list at any time.


The other major adjustment is whether the map shows “North Up” north at the top or “Track Up” direction of flight at the top. The small left knob, and small right knobs, as well as the volume knobs, can be turned, and also pushed and released, like a gwrmin.


This can be done either directly through a WPT page, or by selecting the airport through the NRST menu, or by activating the airport in your active flight plan page. Then you will be ready to jump in the plane and use the device!

These work perfectly and have a solid feel. Because JavaScript is disabled in your browser, this page features less content. At the end of all the exercises is a “Graduation Flight” that presents an IFR round-robin training flight that demonstrates all the features of the GNS as it would be used in a typical IFR training flight.

The flight plan catalog is for storing flight plans for re-use, or to survive shut-down and restart, so you can load them in advance before flight.

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