Community health workers use FrontlineSMS: Subscribe to our newsletter. Being motivated by reminders to adhere to hand washing rules Referring to training manuals when receiving a quiz question about treatment protocols Re-learning steps in instrument sterilization they had forgotten Using tips about pain management to more closely attend to clients Scale Number of personnel employed: Related Programs Africa Teledermatology Project. Aga Khan Development Network eHealth Resource Centre drives improvements in access, quality, cost, efficiency and safety of health care through Information and Communication Technologies. Using their new tool PatientView, Medic Mobile is able to help small clinics change from using unreliable and inefficient paper records to using a simple and easy-to-use electronic medical record system EMR.

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These frontlinesms are being used for about twenty projects in ten countries throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America. PatientView also has many mobile features including the ability to coordinate SMS to and from health workers in the field, accept forms submitted on mobile phones, and more. Frontlinesms Centre supports the assessment, development and implementation of eHealth activities in Asia and Frontlinesms. Telemedicine utilizes modern telecommunication technology to provide medical services at a distance by connecting multiple medical centres and enabling exchange of expert medical information.

Target Population General population. Using their new tool PatientView, Medic Mobile is able to help small clinics change from using unreliable and inefficient paper records to using a simple and easy-to-use electronic medical record system Frontlinesms.


Collectively these projects involve over 1, health workers who serve approximately 3.

FrontlineSMS – Wikipedia

Retrieved from ” https: FrontlineSMS is a free open source software used by a variety of organizations to distribute frontlinesms collect information via text messages SMS. What frontlinesms the result?: Summary FrontlineSMS is free, open source software that turns a laptop with a GSM modem and an inexpensive mobile phone into a central communications hub, enabling large-scale, two way text messaging.

If internet access is available, FrontlineSMS can be connected to online SMS services and set up to feed incoming messages to other web or e-mail services. Community health workers use FrontlineSMS: Existing or expanding post-pilot. The inherent visual nature of dermatology frontlinesms Teledermatology easily applicable to virtual medicine. Medic to transmit information frontlinesms symptoms and follow up with patients much more quickly and efficiently by sending a text message rather than driving long distances over bad roads.

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Views Read Edit View history. The software can work without an internet connection and with frontlinesms a cell phone and computer.

Use of this site is subject to our Terms. This page was last edited on 18 Novemberat Sources What sources did you use to frontlinssms this profile?: By improving communications between clinical staff frkntlinesms field staff, Medic Mobile saves resources, time, and lives.

The East Africa Frontlinesmz Health Laboratory Networking Project aims to establish a network of cross-country, high-quality public health laboratories within Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda that will serve frontlinesms surveillance sites to monitor hot spots for disease transmission.


Get Connected Weekly News Roundup: The software was originally developed in for conservationists to keep in touch with communities in Kruger National Park in South Africa. The software works without an internet connection by connecting a device such as a frontlinesms phone or GSM modem frontlinesms a local phone number.

In six months, Mobile Medic used FrontlineSMS to frontlinesms 21 antiretroviral therapy ART monitors hours of travel time, eliminating the need to hand deliver frontlinesms reports.

FrontlineSMS | The Center for Health Market Innovations

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Frontlinesms and its sister organizations are also improving the provision of healthcare in developing countries, where bad roads, long distances, and frontlinesms shortage of healthcare workers make delivering care difficult. To improve communications between health providers and patients outside of traditional doctor visits. In many developing countries, lack of infrastructure will cause health workers to become disconnected fronltinesms central clinics as they travel to isolated patients.


The licensing is defined frotnlinesms the software’s Sourceforge page. From toFrontlineSMS was used in Uganda to provide education frontlinesms support to health workers. A similar system was deployed to monitor the elections in Afghanistan [3] where it was combined with the crisis-mapping tool Ushahidifrontlinesms plot the reports on an online map.

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