Sur Sudha – Nayaki Kanghada www. The sitar is married to the tabla in an unbreakable bond of togetherness. Vajra – Journey For Peace www. Malashree is also known as Dashain dhun as its played in Dashain. Newars play different tunes in different festivals. Simsime – Bajho Khetma www.

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Shristi – Home Sweet Home www.

Sur Sudha Bada Dashain Dhun

Whatever name it goes by, this popular national tune is very melodious and extremely soothing, and the listener becomes one with the natural order of things in the universe.

Actually its a newari tune which originated on the 17th century. Pancha and Shanti – Tantric Meditation www. Pancha and Shanti – Jhyaure www. The sitar is married to the tabla in an dashain dhun sur sudha bond of togetherness. Simsime – Bajho Khetma www. Simsime – Saguri Paryoni Hari www. Your email address will not be published. It is especially able to bring out deep emotions related to tragedy, grief, and lost love, and is equally capable of creating uplifting tunes of new-found love, the celebratory spirit of humankind, and the inherent harmony of nature in an ideal world.


Sur Sudha – Fagu www.

Sur Sudha Bada Dashain Dhun : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Shristi – Made In Thamel www. However, they are two different tunes. No wonder the mangal dhun is so very evocative, dxshain succeeds every time in connecting with the human heart, leaving behind the cluttered mind for a blessed moment of peace and serenity. Vajra – Brusted Sound www. Simsime – Ghumna Nagarkot www.

Vajra – Ecstasy Of Rhythm www. Previous post Tips for an Unforgettable Stay in Chitwan. Sur Sudha – Bada Dashain www. Shristi – Babita www. Sur Sudha – Stutee www. Simsime – Kohita Bhane Gayo Sarara www. Simsime dashaain Rato Tika Nidharma www. It is the tune that announces that Dashainthe biggest Hindu festival of Nepal, has arrived. Sur Sudha – Shiva Ratri www. Talking about Mangal dhun, as the author mentioned is played during auspicious occasions like a wedding ceremony.


Sur Sudha – Sudhs www.

Simsime – Eina Herera www. Simsime – Mathi Mathi Sailungema www. Pancha and Shanti – Maruni www. Vajra – Jal Tarang www.

Bada Dashain

Sur Sudha – Raja Mati www. Simsime – Simsime Panima www. Shristi – Maicha www. Vajra – Deep Silence www.

Simsime – Resham Firiri www.

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