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Future altering hacks are OP. Imo hollow Ichigo is at best a bit above base Aizen, but still bellow cacoon Aizen, and Dangai Ichigo was stronger than monster Aizen, who is 3 forms above cacoon Aizen. Hence why Aizen was able to casually no-sell several of the same Getsugas when he was aware. Dangai should still stomp then. Same goes for aizen.

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His shinigami powers got stronger and so did his hollow powers. That’s not me saying the Old Man wasn’t dangaj his powers. Hence why Aizen was able to casually no-sell several of the same Getsugas when he was aware.

The blast that blew through Hell was from the 2nd consistent Cero he fired, not multiple shots. Blowing up hell with dangqi cero is more impressive than anything dangai has done. Giving him too much credit? Feats always greater than statements.

Because vasto lorde won’t even be able to harm dangai if he goes to sleep, while dangai can easily kill him? ComicGirl21 Follow Forum Posts: That’s a confounding variable that makes it impossible to compare any version of Ulquiorra to Aizen by using Ichigo as a metric.

Everyone releases a certain amount of reiatsu passively hence why it’s impossible to completely mask your reiatsu, but there’s also the amount of reiatsu you are exerting activelyas otherwise Yammy wouldn’t have had his arm lopped off by Bankai Ichigo despite having the 2nd hardest Hierro. There’s no such thing as a “sneak attack” in Bleach, damage gets negated with having more Reiatsu and Reiatsu is passive.


Dangai Ichigo Vs Manga Ichigo | Bleach Amino

We’re not judging sword swings. Even the remaining force of his blocked sword is several ichiho stronger than what vasto lorde can dish out at full power.

And Yhwach had never shown to be as powerful as Dangai Ichigo, in terms of raw spiritual pressure. Dangai ichigo accidentally kills VL while parrying. And it was shattering chains that were supposed to be unbreakable. Each side of the debate has there own justification. Please Log In to post.

Don’t post to forums Gen. He doesn’t even have to go for a full fledged swing. Before any say ichigp is a stomp in dangai ichigo’s favor iichigo closely his and ulquiorra’s fight cause that is not the case. And the former is still several times stronger. Aizen would stomp him probablyCocoon Aizen would stomp him, Butterfly Aizen would stomp him, Hollow-like Aizen would stomp him. Raziel Follow Forum Posts: Residual force of dangai ichigo will easily cut VL.

And each side claims there Ichigo is obviously stronger and dangqi curb stomp the other Ichigo. They can’t match his power.

The Aizen that Ichigo fought was stronger than the one Ulquiorra fought as noted by Aizen himself, and the meager damage that Ichigo dealt was only accomplished through a sneak attack which is effective since the target Aizen would have been too caught off dangaii to focus a normal level of reiatsu to his shoulder to tank the attack.


Dangai Ichigo vs 2 Hollow Ichigo

Their feats are on entirely different levels. PrinceAragorn1 Follow Forum Posts: This should be locked it is such a stomp? The fragor was the strongest attack ever seen in bleach until that point, used by a trascendent being that reached a power way superior to everything else seen before, and even when aizen merged 6 of them in the ultrafragor, Dangai ichigo destroyed it like it was nothing, for me this is more than enough to say that a cero from an inferior version can’t do much damage at all, and since you want to use non canon feats, even a fodder like renji managed to cut ichigo’s horn, that how easily you can revert the trasformation, not that Dangai needs to do that since the fight Will be over as soon as he slashes.

Dangai should still stomp then.

Dangai Ichigo and Mugetsu | Bleach | Bleach anime, Bleach, Bleach manga

You left out the part where Ichigo wounded Yammy very far above R1 Ulquiorra with a less than half cloaked hollowfied getsuga. We know that Dangai tanked a fragor with minor damage and overpowered the ultra fragor with a single slash,i really don’t see why he can’t do that with a cero that Will never dagai him btw.

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