It seems to stretch over its own range of moods, sometimes sounding melancholia yet slowly building in to a more confident serenity. Like in ancient times where there was music for ceremonies, for work, for feasts, for drinking wine, e. Paren La Bulla by La Perla. Featuring the BC Weekly best new albums and artists from Are you a private user?

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Daemonia Nymphe tries to recreate the sound of Greek Antiquity.

Then he gave us his collection of reproductions of ancient Greek instruments. The ‘I Listen’ box combines the power of images, sounds and words. Re-release ‘Psychostasia’ with 3 new tracks, 22 November on bandcamp! Within this co-operationDaemonia Nymphe played their first concert presentation of the instruments at the Renaissance Festival of Rethymno, Crete.

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II by Peacemaker Global Quartet. As a Medievalist I remember reading how the group RED IRIS used to study 13th and 14th century art, examining how musicians were holding their instruments, the number of strings on each item, and then tried to imagine the tuning that they would daemonia nymphe krataia asterope. Dark sanctuary, Arcana and the ‘Lord of the rings’ ambiences. But why is it so important for us to approach the ancient sound? Daemonia Nymphe are trying to recreate the sound of Greek Antiquity.


Dark Atmospheric heavenly voices.

Krataia Asterope (Daemonia Nymphe) – GetSongBPM

If you realise that these instruments haven’t been heard for more than years you can imagine how fascinating that experience is. Targ by Bargou Dead can dance September – 9 Titles – 60′. During their shows, the 3 singing Nymphs wear masks and interpret bewitching ancient danses.

Daemonia Nymphe perform and compose music with reproductions of ancient Greek instruments. They have composed and performed music for a multitude of theatre productions UK. Please rkataia to add items to your basket. Krataia Asterope by Daemonia Nymphe.

Of course we are inspired by the atmosphere of the ancient temples and statues but our main goal is to compose new music that can possibly have elements of our past memory and our present action and the hope to be heard also in the future. Use our Advanced search to find more Llyr Lyra is the name of the instrument of the Bards and the Greek lyrical poets; a sacred musical instrument visually inspired by the grace and nobleness Venti di Sale 4.

Paren La Bulla by La Perla. Summoning Divine Selene 7. Special thanks to all the session musicians who contributed in this work. Three years daemonia nymphe krataia asterope the last studio album Kremasta Nera, Ataraxia is back with a marvellous new album on Prikosnovenie!


The band invites Psarantonis Antonis Xylouris a legend for Cretan music to sing on this new album. Since its origins the band uses instruments recreated from the Greek Antiquity: Like in ancient times where there was music for ceremonies, for work, for feasts, for drinking wine, e.

Purchasable with gift card. Daemonia Nymphe rises in intensity and now is part of the essentials of Pagan Folk scene. Daemonia NympheNicholas Brass and his assistants consist of a team in which the musicians are inspired and create with LyreKithara, Varvitos, and the constructors improve and make the daemonia nymphe krataia asterope as perfect as possible.

Deze website gebruikt cookies. Hymn to Bacchus 8. Music has inspired me to create things that are connected to a positive way of life. Their music is a kind of World music mixing Folk, traditional music and Rock.

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