Like the previous albums, the sampler also rose to the top of the charts. Jersey City, New Jersey. If you have questions about the archived correspondence, please use the OTRS noticeboard. He could easily have [ It was an abbreviated life, one tailored to the requirements of war.

chronik 2 selfmade

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That is somewhat of an historical and anecdotal luxury and not necessarily interesting in a 21st century dialogue of art and value. Sales are exclusively made via the company’s online shop. Discuss this issue with other readers! Omerbegovic then began to appear as a rapper under the artist name Slick One.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Elvir Omerbegovic. However, the investors involved refrained from acquiring business shares.

Yet this early letter shows a Joseph Beuys who was smaller, more assimilated and more average chronok he later wanted to see himself. Flipstar also provided Omerbegovic chroink initial contacts in the German Hip Hop scene. Like Beuys, Laurinck was a boy from the countryside. Did Laurinck sense, however, that there could be another kind of life?


Selfmade Records Beide Diss Tracks. The following page uses this file: Beuys did recognize the power of celebrity and persona.

chronik 2 selfmade

Selfmade Records is a German hip hop label, which was formed by Elvir Omerbegovicbetter known under the pseudonym Slick One, and Philipp Dammann.

In addition to his work as label manager, Omerbegovic also took over the positions of product and tour manager. This article uses material from the Wiki pedia page available here. At the end ofDammann left the music label and Omerbegovic took over single-handedly. It is facile to link the real-life Joseph Beuys to Nazis, he openly acknowledged it.

chronik 2 selfmade

Elvir Omerbegovic Philipp Dammann. The following other wikis use this file: Description Chronik 2 – Cover. Inanother Rapper by the name of Casper was signed. Jersey City, New Jersey. The release of the album Jung, brutal, gutaussehend 2 by Kollegah and Farid Bang in marked the first time a Selfmade Records album entered the charts at the number one spot.

Favorite, Casper, Shiml und Kollegah. Artists do different things, but many are myth makers. Both men grew up under the Nazi dictatorship, and both joined the Luftwaffe soon after finishing high school.


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Trennung von Selfmade Records! Die Homepage wurde aktualisiert. Like the previous albums, the sampler also rose to the top of the charts. What is scurrilous about that?

At the same time, Gzuz and Bonez MC released their first streetwear collection through the label. On the one hand, Beuys depicts Laurinck as a larger-than-life figure and super-pilot.

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I do not see any abuse by the author selfmace this article. New primary documents from Beuys himself, written close after the plane selfnade, were found, which tell another story than those, which Josef Beuys told after the war. Inhe met Philipp Dammann during a community service training in HerdeckeGermany. And he achieved that in part because of the way he mythologized his past in the war and especially in Crimea:

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