This is a good thing, as she knows that people’s playlists these days are varied. As a player, what are the technical challenges of shifting from classical to Cajun to rock and so on? Or do I do a little weird stop-bow thing someplace? I think I have a curiosity about people and I just happen to be around musicians all the time. When Micarelli went to the show, the Vipers invited her to join them on stage. During the bows she took during a long-lasting standing ovation she said, “You guys are so great!

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I wanted to play the music that I really, really love and that I feel super connected to. Well, I was doing that secretly. I now have a different understanding about what music means to people.

Did that perspective inform the programming for the PBS special and the new live album? Rock was so new to me. I was part of telling the real story of what Micarell Katrina was like for New Orleans.

CHRIS BOTTI IN BOSTON | Emmanuel w/ Lucia Micarelli | PBS

Lucia Micarelli puts the music first. It also reminds me, in its absence, how much her patter delighted us all last night. Her tremendous includes this live album release and a major U. Violinist Lucia Micarelli established herself in the classical music world before age 21 by serving as concertmaster for Trans-Siberian Orchestra, then Josh Groban.


At the Manship Theatre, Micarelli will be joined her touring group, which includes a second violinist, viola, cello, bass, guitar and piano. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Liz bought the CD last night and loaned it to me this morning.

Lucia was featured on the cover of Strings Magazine!

I was so impressed. Micarelli and Freebairn-Smith teamed up for the second movement of the Ravel Sonata for Violin and Cello, where they traded licks with the driving dissonant theme, fiercely in sync with the twists and turns at every measure. When I look back, I see that what I am doing with my solo show has a very strong chamber-music element—I have essentially a string quartet onstage and I bring a lot of classical chamber-music arrangements into the program.

It was David Simon, one of the creators of Treme, who not only gave Micarelli the chance to play music outside bostom comfort zone, but also coaxed her into singing, where she discovered she could.

“Emmanuel”. | Trumpet Forum & Trumpets For Sale

This was an evening of musical enlightenment by a gifted ensemble, facilitated by a joyful sprite who lacked all pretense, making an uncommon connection with the audience. The love and respect and big smiles flowed between Lucia and her group as beautifully and genuinely as the music.

I love playing with people; I love small groups like that. I get to play with you guys and I love you guys.


After Lucia Micarelli won a violin competition while coming of age in New York, she headed off to Sizzler to celebrate. When other kids were out playing, I was practicing indoors. Micarrlli strict musical regimen she experienced until she was 17 dictated that would be her fate. Growing up in Queens, Micarelli is chis prodigy of Italian and Korean heritage who, at the age of three, picked up a violin and hasn’t stopped pushing its limits.

It was a real interesting experience. Email required Address never made public. Did Pinchas Zukerman encourage or discourage your eclectic interests? That was the beginning of. You should check this out! Ben Jacobson, the Calder violinist, has played with me a lot as well. Then, on the Fourth of July, Micarelli tripped and landed on a wine glass, severing several nerves in her left hand and leaving her worried that she would never again be able to play professionally.

I learned so much about music, and I fell in love with a unique city. Someone To Watch Over Me

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