akiha tohno

The most useful out of the bunch when it comes to pressure. Melty Blood Akiha Tohno. Does not hit crouching opponents. Creates a web further away and slightly higher up. Standard corner combo with an emphasis on okizeme. Primarily used in block strings and combos.

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C, her offense can be considered superior in the sense that it gives her a real crossup game that works even outside of okizeme but now she no longer has an air normal that hits above her.

Like the JA version, touno web itself is the same with a couple of exceptions. Akiha’s okizeme game after her throws, B, and 2C is very respectable as she has a lot of options to work with but her air throw knockdown is very weak.

Shiki always remembered his little sister he left behind at the Tohno estate but was forbidden by Tohno Makihisa to have any contact with her. Though it takes a shorter amount of time for Akiha to set the web, she is not able to do anything until she lands.

Melty Blood/Akiha Tohno/PS2

The only moves that are really different are: Do not use this as a tech punish like you would with her tiger knee JA from her past versions, you will die! This page was last edited on 8 Aprilat Best to only use it as a meaty projectile on your opponent’s wake up. Jump towards them and do a j. In situations where the opponent is knocked down character widths away common after j2CB and dash A akiah your better options.


Creates a pit in front of Akiha that persists for 4 seconds as long as any button is held down, erupts into a flame pillar on release. Gives frame advantage on block in most situations.

Akiha Tohno | typemoon | Manga Drawing, Anime art, Beautiful anime girl

It is really hard to combo with but if you are extremely low to the ground, you can combo into 2A. After you have a meaty jB set up in the corner, you are free to go for tohnoo mixup. Although C-Akiha is very capable of dealing some impressive damage, she will have to sacrifice her solid okizeme game to do so.

This is also similar to Full moons J2C.

Akiha Tohno (Character) – Giant Bomb

On crossup hit, you can easily follow with 2A. This too can whiff your certain crouching opponents. Pretty fast normal, useful for beating jabs.

It has longer start up, but has shorter recovery, tohn allows you to combo afterwards with or without a counter hit. Creates a larger puddle that travels faster than the A version and doesn’t require a button to be held.

Melty Blood/Akiha Tohno

You can use these in the air to zone against defensive enemies. Learning the right height where they can’t tech is crucial for executing Akiha’s wallslam and counterhit combos. This move is great as the pillars are air unblockable and its normal versions hit only once and launch on hit, allowing you to get a nice follow-up on counterhit.


Generally the ideal move to use after a j. Has lower body invincibility and leads to the same solid knockdown as other moons, but is less useful as F-Akiha has better options for ending combos. Affectionately referred to by its Japanese name “Momiji”, Akiha will launch them if they’re not already airborne and slam them back to tohnk ground.

Akiha materializes a linear wave of flame from her hair.

For the fuzzy, the pillar release needs to be timed so that you have sufficient time to land and rejump to tack on the air akkha. You’ll probably want to normal shield to this if your back is to the corner and the knockdown is good. Can be blocked high or low. So with it’s relatively quick start up, you can punish your opponent’s summons, Heat activations, or random stupidity if you react quick enough.

Although it hits low, it can be shielded tohn. This move launches the opponent. As you’re landing you can go into j. Do it too late and she will land before she is able to set one at all.

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