Luffy recalls how Zoro was his first crew member, and Foxy replies that Porche and Hamburg were also his first crew members. However, the Thousand Sunny cannot take all of them, so Foxy tells them to leave it in his hands. Use the HTML below. Komei admires Luffy’s will to live as he covers himself in Busoshoku Haki and begins dancing. Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island

adventure of nebulandia

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Dojaku says that he heard that Chopper and Brook stayed behind on Mushroom Island to find the Rebound Mushroom, which all went according to Komei’s plan. The pirates realize that the mushroom must have caused this, and Foxy looks advenutre Komei, who to his surprise is on the masthead of the Sexy Foxy.

Franky then sees with a shock that the water they are standing in is growing brighter, and throws Usopp into the air. Komei pushes one of Luffy’s hands of the ledge and he asks Luffy why he would want to become a pirate, knowing the violence it entailed.

However, they easily beat back the foot soldiers as they attempt to escape the seawater. Using Haki, Komei blows out the flames with his fan before unleashing an even bigger gust of wind at a cliff face, causing it to break apart. The Straw Hats decide to follow the Eternal Pose to save their friends, and BrookChopperand the Foxy Pirates stay behind to find the Rebound Mushroom, which is an antidote to the Drowsy Mushroom that their captured crewmates ate.

adventure of nebulandia

They find the trap it is caught in, and Chopper tells Brook to play music and soothe it, and Brook does so despite knowing that it would attract the Marines.


Brook decides to help find it as well, since he nebulanxia detach his soul from his body and look anywhere. In the present, Chopper attempts to jump out of the tree and save the Foxy Pirates, but Brook catches him, showing Chopper that the Marine below them was carrying Seastone handcuffs.

Luffy dodges it, jumps above Komei, and attacks him repeatedly.

If not, they would fall into his clutches. Foxy gives Luffy a gun, telling the Straw Hat what everyone knew all along: As Luffy and the crew were attacked by marine warship they were forced to use Coup de Burst to escape.

They are on-topic and relevant Anime related. The cage is pulled onto the Sexy Foxy’s masthead, and Luffy attempts to get back and rescue Zoro and Sanji.

adventure of nebulandia

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Nami leaves the crew after the Baratie Arc to go back to her village.

One Piece: Adventure of Nebulandia

Soon afterwards, Komei announces to Luffy that Usopp, Franky, Chopper, and Brook have all been captured, but changes the rules for the pirates. Nami uses another Heat Egg to surround Komei in flames, but he swears to wipe out evil so everyone can live in peace. However, Luffy says that he will go on his own as he struggles to stand, and stumbles through the fog-covered terrain. Nami and Usopp attempt to keep Luffy from being pulled into the tower as the others wonder what kind of plant that is, not knowing that it is creeping toward them from behind.

One Piece: Adventure of Nebulandia –

Add the adventurs question. The Marine on the other end tells her that everyone has been brought onto the warships, and she thanks him for the update. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties.


Komei orders his men to arrest the Straw Hats, and legions of Marines appear from every corner of the island as they cry out in victory.

Adventure of Nebulandia

However, Luffy pulls up his hood and reveals that the Foxy trinket he attached to it blocked the bullet, which saddens him as he liked the trinket. Heart of Gold TV Movie The seawater being held back by the outer edges of the island seeps in, and Komei reveals that the entire basin is below sea level and he was willing to flood the entire island as a last resort.

The Straw Hats run for the Sunny, but they are met with legions adventute Marines. Angered at Kansho for betraying him, Foxy rapidly punches him and sends him flying into a crowd of Marines. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Meanwhile, the Straw Hats have a banquet to celebrate their victory as they bicker and keep sailing through the New World.

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