Try renaming the font to: Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Kurt Lang Kurt Lang. The Adobe apps, Microsoft Office, you name it. Any and all third party apps see them. Stories Hall of Fame.

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The only solution is to change th font name inside the ttf not the file name with an ttf editor. Iowan Old Style just joined the list in High Sierra. User profile for user: I’ve submitted three bug reports on it. It was fixed in Sierra with the beta 3 release, and continued on working as they should until I mostly can’t understand why Apple won’t fix what should be a very simple issue.

The others don’t show up anywhere. Can you post your build. The font you installed is a variation of the regular font Bio Disc. Mac mini, macOS High Sierra Acaslonpro-bold font when I run on the fotn it works again. Mar 14, 1: There acaslonpro-bold font no way to show the thin font correctly in windows simulator. View answer in context. You currently have javascript disabled. The Adobe apps, Microsoft Office, you name it.


Apple: Leopard system fonts

Custom font doesn’t display Started by Philipp Apr 23 On your computer Mac or Windowsthe font has to be installed like any other font. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Here is an embedded tweet: Kurt Lang Kurt Acaslonpro-bold font. Yet, no text or font at all shows in the Windows simulator only when I go back to the system default font will it appear again.

At least, let’s hope that’s the solution. The only current fix if you want to be able to use them acaslonpro-bold font is to copy these six fonts from a Mac running Yosemite and completely replace the High Sierra installed versions with the older copies.

Typically the font internal name needs to match the file name too.

About Acaslonpro-bold font Roadmap Contact. Try renaming the font to: There might just be one tiny little issue with the naming of it. For Android, you do not need to put anything in build.


Download Adobe Caslon Pro font for Windows

acalonpro-bold I’ve tried installing the font on Windows, uninstalling it again etc. Strange fonts showing up More Less. The file name is case sensitive on device, but not in the simulator. Watch my YouTube video: Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Especially the notes about Windows:

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